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Scott Armstrong

A moment in time, an opportunity like no other

As 192 countries come together under the auspices of Expo 2020 Dubai, Arabian Business captures a snapshot of the UAE’s business community and how industry views the vast opportunity on offer

Welcome to our AB Leaders Expo special edition, and a warm welcome to anyone reading from one of the 192 countries participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The theme ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ was always a powerful statement, a noble goal, but it feels especially vital today following the last 18 months, where the world has been so unconnected and the future seemed so uncertain.

But here we are, a little later than planned, but with business and trade open in the UAE, with an economy that is bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels and an event sprawling with ambition, that aims to improve the world and shape the future through sustainability, mobility and opportunity.

Our AB Leaders Expo special edition is a guide for anyone new in town to the influential businesses which shape the UAE and those who lead them.

Lal Bhatia

From the UAE to the world

The world’s tallest building, the richest horse race, the most luxurious hotels, and now host to the world’s biggest event with the Expo 2020.

While this may be the common perception for the average surface dweller, but in reality, there is more than that which meets the eye.

Phil Malem

Expo 2020 to drive focus on world-class experience

Expo 2020 Dubai will put the region on the map when it comes to building a world-class destination. Since this will be the first major in-person event since the pandemic, there will be a lot of eyes on the region from international players, who will look to see how the event is handled and how this plays out. 

Stuart Harrison

A show and sector powered by people

When I look at my esteemed peers featured in these pages, there is one thing we have in common that stands out — we have been all committed to supporting UAE Vision 2021, which has succeeded in making the UAE one of the greatest countries in the world.

As Dubai welcomes the world, our AB Leaders Expo special edition is in part a guide to the influential businesses which shape the UAE and those who lead them.