From the UAE to the world

Lal Bhatia, Chairman of the Hilshaw Group.

From the UAE to the world

From the successful handling of the pandemic to the Expo 2020 event, the Emirates continue to set an example for all countries to emulate

The world’s tallest building, the richest horse race, the most luxurious hotels, and now host to the world’s biggest event with the Expo 2020.

While this may be the common perception for the average surface dweller, but in reality, there is more than that which meets the eye.

We at Hilshaw established our presence in the region much later than many organisations and individuals who are being celebrated in this chronicle. I personally was overtly delighted upon learning about the achievements of my new home, as I am sure you would upon reading the individual contributions mentioned in this book that make the UAE and this region the envy of most economies.

The fact that Dubai has ranked as the safest city and fifth best place to live, according to a global report, is enough to put things into perspective, but let us not stop there, I say.

The UAE has led the Middle Eastern and North African economies, according to the 2020 World Competitiveness Annual Report, and ranked ninth in global competitiveness.


According to an FCSC report that documents world competitiveness, travel and tourism competitiveness, and global talent competitiveness, the nation has ranked first across 23 indexes. It is amongst the top five countries in another 59 indexes and in the top 10 within 106 indicators out of 338 indices.

The UAE joined the nuclear energy fraternity with the success of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, and despite the pandemic-led challenges, it launched the Hope Probe to Mars on February 9 of this year.

A 93 percent literacy rate, gender agnostic equal pay legislation, and many more social advancements illustrate that the world’s most generous nation is second to none, even on the human and humanitarian front.

Which brings us to the fact that why this year, this time in the Earth’s history, and this book is very significant in more ways than one.

The UAE celebrates 50 glorious years of its union with an undisputed display of triumphant resilience

Lal Bhatia, Chairman of the Hilshaw Group

The UAE celebrates 50 glorious years of its union with an undisputed display of triumphant resilience. The country battled the dreaded pandemic with more success and finesse than the most developed nations and has orchestrated the most iconic event that will be a milestone that reads, ‘The World is Open, and We are Connected…Once Again’.

The event, which became a legacy even before its inauguration, addresses opportunity, mobility and sustainability, terms that have become even more relevant over the past two years. All this and more will only add more feathers to the region’s already crowded cap, an inevitability I am personally looking forward to.

Most importantly, the ending of the six-month-long Expo 2020 will mark regional and perhaps global redefinition when businesses, technologies and talent realise the ease, accessibility and value of operating from this most progressive country.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Just to add some proof to the pudding, Hilshaw Group relocated its headquarters to Dubai to take advantage of the Emirates’ pole position in global economic recovery. We productised the Remote Work Visa initiative and now continue to take inspiration from the vision of the country’s leadership with our smart infrastructure development and sustainable technology across developing countries.

Which brings us to the significance of this book.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Arabian Business for considering me for the foreword of this list, but the above recap is, in fact, a ‘Thank You’ note to all the leaders and achievers being celebrated here for paving the way for new businesses and being a catalyst in the achievements of the UAE and this promising region.

Here’s celebrating some great minds… and may this list keep growing by the hour.

Lal Bhatia, Chairman of the Hilshaw Group.